Have your say on the refurbishment of the Shawl Play Area, Leyburn

The Leisure & Recreation Group of Leyburn Town Council are asking members of the public to give their views on plans for the refurbishment of the Shawl Fields Play Area by completing the Consultation Survey.

The Shawl Playing field is currently only partly occupied by play equipment for a limited range of children and the football pitch has become very uneven making it not really fit for purpose. Much of the existing equipment is getting to the end of its life and needs upgrading.

The aim of the project is to make better use of the space by creating a more varied and inclusive play area. The plans are particularly designed to create an area that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities.

The first phase of the project is proposing to:

  • Remove the majority of existing play equipment and surfacing (the Zip Wire, Roundabout and Toddler Slide will be kept and repainted)
  • Design a new play area to improve the range of facilities, equipment and making the Shawl Fields more accessible to everyone.
  • Install new Equipment
  • Create accessible paths leading to all the play equipment

There are many ideas currently been looked into for future phases to improve the whole Shawl Playing field, we would appreciate your comments on these ideas detailed in the Survey .

A consultation is being held via survey monkey until Friday 19th March to provide details on the plans and to gain feedback on the type of equipment that users would like to have in the new play area, replies to this consultation will be used to help form the final design of the play area.

Hard copies will be available at Leyburn Library or by calling the Town Council on 01969 622561.

The support and positivity we have received so far is incredible, money to make this project possible has come from a generous donation from the late Mr Eric Loadmans estate, S106 grant towards the provision and upgrade of Shawl public open space, sport and recreation facilities as well as the council’s capital funding. This funding constitutes 90% of the total budget for the new play area, but we now need your help to raise the last 10%.

Every donation really does count, no matter how small or large. So with summer on its way and better times on the horizon, let’s all work together to get the new play area in place!”

Help us reach our target

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