A new, 80-metre temporary mast at Bilsdale has been switched on. It will restore TV services to approximately 95% of households across the region.

The switch-on means that most people will now be able to receive TV but will need to retune their TVs and a guide on how to do this can be found by clicking the link below to view instructions and helpful videos.

How to retune your TV

Unfortunately, Arqiva has previously said that not everyone is covered by the switch on, and further details on help for those whose TV services are still affected will be set out on their webpage later today [Thursday 14 October].

Arqiva is aware that the some households (about 5%) still won’t be able to receive a TV signal.  Arqiva has set up a Help and Support Scheme for everyone affected.  This will initially prioritise people over 65, the clinically vulnerable, and other vulnerable people with carers.  People in these priority groups are encouraged to contact the Bilsdale Project Restore Support Line on Freephone number 0800 121 4828.  Engineers will be scheduled to visit people who need help retuning TVs or having an aerial repointed.  Residents, or people caring for someone in an affected area, can also fill out the Helpline Form at www.bilsdalemast.co.uk to request assistance. 

Households in the “not-spot” areas where services aren’t restored by the switch on will receive a voucher which can be redeemed in store or online.  This will be included in a letter which will be sent by Arqiva to residents in due course.  The value covers the cost of an alternative fix from a range of products providing ways to receive free to air TV.

Project Restore is an initiative led by Arqiva in response to the fire at Bilsdale Mast on 10 August 2021 more about the initiative as well as the latest information can be found in the pack below and on their website.


Arqiva – Bilsdale Mast – Stakeholder Pack

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