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Cllr Richard Sanderson




Cllr Alison Laws

(Vice Chair)










Councillor Responsibilities

Thornborough Hall Committee- Cllr Holder, Cllr Laws, Cllr Sanderson (Committee Chairman) 
Shawl Committee- Cllr Holder, Cllr Laws,  Cllr Sanderson 
Staffing Committee- Cllr Holder, Cllr Laws, Cllr Sanderson 
Cemetery Working party- Cllr Laws & Cllr Sanderson
Market Working party- Cllr Sanderson 
Library Management Working party- Cllr Holder
Leyburn Town Plan (Implementation/Scrutiny Committee)- Cllr Holder, Cllr Laws, Cllr Sanderson 
Leyburn Town Plan, Community Spirit & Civic Pride Working Party – Cllr Holder lead Councillor
Leyburn Town Plan Housing Development and Assisted Living Working Party- 
Leyburn Town Plan Leisure, Recreation & Getting About Working Party- Cllr Laws lead Councillor.
Leyburn Town Plan Traffic & Parking Working Party- Cllr Sanderson lead Councillor

Members of the public may contact any Councillor about any matter.

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