Dales Police Report April 2020

This month has seen little in the way of significant crime across the Dales area.

Our focus, probably unsurprisingly, has been on helping to manage the impact of the worldwide Coronavirus situation on a local scale.

The ‘Stay home and save lives’ message has been reacted to well by the vast majority of people in our area. The crisis has brought out the best in our communities with many heart-warming stories of people putting themselves out to help their more vulnerable neighbours.

We are grateful that most local people and visitors have understood that the temporary restrictions put in place by the Government are there for good reasons – to protect the NHS, and ultimately save lives.

Local police have had valuable support from partners such as the Yorkshire Dales National Park in getting the message out there on the ground. Our tactic so far has been to engage with people, explain the rules, and encourage people to abide by them. Some enforcement has been used, but this is a last resort.

Regulation 6 of The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 states no person may leave the place where they live without reasonable excuse. In brief, reasonable excuses include travelling to shop for necessities, leaving the house to take exercise, going to work (essential workers and those who cannot work from home), and other reasons such as medical needs and supporting vulnerable people.

As with any emergency legislation there are grey areas. We are taking calls regarding the use of second homes by owners, but this is not covered in the legislation.

Everyone needs to focus on what they are doing themselves to reduce the spread of the virus. Only leave home if you have a reasonable excuse (according to the legislation) to do so, and when out and about apply social distancing guidelines. And, of course, wash your hands regularly.

Take care and stay safe

Julian Sutcliffe PC558

Leyburn Police Office

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