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Leyburn Town Council’s Policies and Procedures


Standing Orders (PDF, 965KB)

Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF/A, 894KB)

Member Officer Protocol (PDF/A, 695KB)


Openness and Accountability

Publication Scheme (PDF, 77KB)

Social Media Policy (PDF, 727KB)

Communications & Media Policy (PDF, 231KB)


Data Protection/GDPR

ICO Registration Certificate 2021

Data Protection Policy (PDF, 107KB)

Records Management Policy (PDF, 515KB)



Risk Management Strategy Leyburn Town Council (PDF/A, 2MB)

Financial Regulations (PDF, 620KB)

Scheme of Delegation (PDF/A, 577KB)

Debtor Policy (PDF, 559KB)

Grant Application form ( Word Doc, 550KB)


Risk Assessments

Covid 19 Risk Assessment  (PDF, 2M)

COVID-19 Kelberdale Toilets Risk Assessment (PDF, 773KB)

COVID-19-Play Areas Risk Assessment (PDF, 681KB)

COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment (PDF, 890KB)


Employment/ Personnel

Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF, 726KB)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 245KB)


Rules for Traders operating on Leyburn Market (PDF/A, 557KB)


Environment & Green Spaces

Leyburn Community Emergency Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Shawl Fields Management Plan (PDF/A, 3MB)




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