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Leyburn Town Council’s policies and procedures: –

Scheme of Delegation (PDF/A, 577KB)

Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF/A, 894KB)

Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy (Leyburn Community Library) (PDF, 27KB)

Communications & Media Policy (PDF, 231KB)

Covid 19 Risk Assessment 18.3.2020 (PDF, 2M)

COVID-19 Kelberdale Toilets Risk Assessment (PDF, 773KB)

COVID-19-Play Areas Risk Assessment (PDF, 681KB)

COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment (PDF, 890KB)

Data Protection Policy (PDF, 107KB)

Debtor Policy (PDF, 559KB)

Emergency Plan Leyburn Community (PDF, 1MB)

Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF, 726KB)

Financial Regulations (PDF, 620KB)

Grant Application form ( Word Doc, 550KB)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF, 245KB)

Publication Scheme (PDF, 77KB)

Records Management Policy (PDF, 515KB)

Social Media Policy (PDF, 727KB)

Standing Orders (PDF, 965KB)

ICO Registration Certificate 2021

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