Leyburn Market is at the heart of the town’s history, and the Town Council are committed to making sure it remains a vibrant shopping experience.

Prior to the pandemic, the Markets in Leyburn proved to be popular events with residents, businesses and visitors, but now that restrictions have been lifted, Leyburn Council is keen to see the return of the Monthly Market and preparations are now underway to make this event bigger and better than before! That’s where the collaboration and expertise from Little Bird Made Artisan Markets comes in to provide a thriving Saturday Market.

The Little Bird Artisan Markets offer a diverse, quality, shopping experience that celebrates independent producers and makers. But it’s more than that, it’s about creating a sense of community by bringing people together to create a vibrant and friendly town atmosphere, which will attract visitors to Leyburn by promoting Leyburn as a venue where people spend the day or even weekend exploring all the local establishments to eat, drink, shop and stay.

About Little Bird and their ethos

Little Bird Made is more than just a market company. It is more than just a monthly market that rolls into town and leaves again without engaging with the local community. Our mission statement is based on giving our traders and makers a platform to connect with customers as well as promoting our host towns to our 12,000+ audience of followers. We have seen a massive positive impact on the local economy in Easingwold and Knaresborough and Richmond to name just three host towns. Due to our extensive marketing, these towns are now thriving on market days with our market being the centerpiece of a family day out. The local shops, parks, pubs, and cafes all thrive on market day and we have engaged with many local businesses who have thanked us for an increase in footfall. This footfall is not just the local community, we have seen an increase in visitors from other towns and from tourists too.


Our marketing campaigns across North Yorkshire are seen by thousands of people each week and have put many of our historic market towns back on the map. The truth is, markets are on trend right now with the surge in support for small local, independent businesses. People want to shop local, they want to support small businesses and we give them the chance to do that. We have had visitors from Durham to Dubai visit our markets and we are very grateful to have a very high return rate too with many of our visitors joining us at several markets every month. Our role is one of promotion, promoting our host towns so that we have a positive impact on the local community. We are also passionate about community and collaboration, working with local towns to increase footfall, boost tourism and raise the profile of North Yorkshire’s historic market towns. Together we can really make a difference.

The Council hopes that they have the support of the local community & businesses to make Leyburn the place to visit this year, if you require any further information or would like to submit comments please contact the Town Council Office on Clerk@Leyburntowncouncil.gov.uk .

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