Update from the Civic Pride ” A Better Leyburn”  Group  October 2023

We have changed our name to A Better Leyburn which we think is more appropriate.  The logo will be the Market Shelter (the bus shelter to many of us) so look out for that in the near future.

We had a successful weeding and litter picking session on 1st October and were very satisfied with the results.

Passers-by appreciated our efforts some feedback included “Leyburn is cleaner than Buxton”.

We were joined by three police cadets and a pupil from Wensleydale  School. Other areas have been spruced up too in individual sessions and lamp posts stripped  of the various strings and ties left behind by various organisations.   The sorry state of some of the trees in the squares has been noted and one member of the group is preparing a report so that we can improve their conditions and appearance. The group needs tools and are asking if you have any spare hoes, spades, dustpans and brushes, yard brushes, trowels, buckets and old knives.  These can be handed in at Thornborough Hall.

The next  A Better Leyburn  session will be Sunday 5th November at 9am meeting at The Town Hall Steps. 

It is amazing what a group of people can do in two hours. You will see us in our new high vis jackets which are proving to be a conversation stopper. Come along even if it is only for a short time.

The buildings and tourist information will become a future focus as well as the condition of the benches, signage, litter and weeds in Leyburn.

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