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Town Council Meetings

Ordinary Meetings of the Town Council are usually held on the 3rd Monday of the month, at 7 pm in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall.  All members of our community are welcome to attend these meetings and we usually start with  “Public Representations” time where members of the public can make comments or ask questions. We also hold an Annual Town Meeting, for the electors of the parish of Leyburn and a Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May when the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected for the coming year.

The date of the next meeting can be found below and the Agenda’s will also appear below when published.

Meeting Dates

Date of Meeting Type Agenda
Tuesday 10th January 23

Monday 30th January 23

Thornborough Hall Committee- Postponed until February


Public Meeting Agenda January 23
Monday 20th February 23

Thursday 23rd February 23

Town Council Meeting

Thornborough Hall Committee Meeting

Agenda February 2023

THall Agenda Feb 2023

Monday 20th March 23 Town Council Meeting Agenda March 2023
Monday 3rd April 23 Thornborough Hall Committee
Monday 17th April 23 Town Council Meeting
Monday 15th May 23 Annual Meeting of the Council






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